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Glove with Negative cut and Quartz Grip palm. It is a very comfortable glove, which fits perfectly in the hand.


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How to measure your hand?

The measure must be taken from the first line below the hand palm to the end of the medium finger. Immediatily, this measure (in centimetres) must be compared with the board to confirm which is the appropiate size.

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4mm German latex Quartz Grip + 4 mm of foam for all weather conditions with excellent durability, combined with GEL FIT, silicone inserts located strategically on the inside of the palm, providing better support and sensations on the points of contact with the ball.

Negative Cut. This cut ends with the seams inward and gets the maximum adjustment to try to turn the glove into a second skin. It is perhaps the most technical cut for these two reasons: to be so tight you get the maximum feeling of contact with the ball which makes it easier for goalkeepers with better blocking technique to have full contact with the ball, but at the same time technique is not the most appropriate, as the surface of latex exposed to the ball is less the blockage can be resented.

The back of glove has all the details that a professional goalkeeper needs: 4mm of natural latex + 8mm of relief foam with the support of the Windstopper fabric that regulates the internal temperature of the glove and provides an amazing fit and ventilation. The models of the line "HORUS ELITE" have the technology, PAS (Punch Asist System), a piece of rubber located in the area of the back of the glove, which helps the punch of the ball, offering maximum security for the goalkeeper.

9 cm elastic wrist for a better fit.

Elastic double wrap wrist strap for a comfortable and tight closure.

Professional competition glove, its 4mm palm of Quartz Latex, has been developed for goalkeepers who looking for a glove with an elite level grip and with the best performance in both dry and wet. The palm has small rubber particles to get an improvement in the abrasion resistant.

PalmaLátex alemán New Basic de 3.5mm + espuma de 4mm
DorsoLátex sintético de 3mm + 8mm
TextilAir Mesh 3D
MuñequeraElástica de 9 cm
CierreCinta de látex con 2 puntos de velcro
PersonalizaciónSí (coste adicional)


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Goalkeeper Gloves Horus Elite Osiris

Goalkeeper Gloves Horus Elite Osiris

Glove with Negative cut and Quartz Grip palm. It is a very comfortable glove, which fits perfectly in the hand.

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